You've heard about us on the news, tried us around the Twin Cities, and now you can get your hands on your very own bottle Cry Baby Craig's pickled habanero & garlic hot sauce.

This hot sauce features habanero peppers which are not cookedthey're pickled to create a unique, bright and refreshing flavor that pairs with just about anything. Garlic and cumin peek around the corner to offer words of encouragement.

  • Each 5 oz. bottle is guaranteed to have you weeping with joyous abandon.
  • Hand Crafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota by locally renowned chef, Craig Kaiser.
  • All natural, vegan, gluten free and no added fillers.

Add a limited edition CBC Logo T-Shirt to your order of one bottle for combined shipping.

Note: This sauce goes QUICK! If it's out of stock, please check back soon.


back in 2012...

While working in the restaurant business, I accidentally received habanero chilies instead of jalapenos in one of our orders. With the type of cuisine we cooked, it was hard to find a home for them on a plate.  In order to extend their life for later use, I pickled them until I could think of something to do with them.

One slow service night, I decided to make a hot sauce with the chilies for our annual “family meal” cook out.  It didn’t take long for that first batch to disappear!  As I made more, my co-workers started requesting bottles to take home for themselves. I then began to test out my creation with the  customers requesting hot sauce for their eggs and such.  It was a total hit!

A Cry baby is Born

When I started bottling the sauce for fans, friends and family, the label consisted of nothing more than my name and telephone numberI needed an official name and an official label. As I was brainstorming name ideas one afternoon, my son (Craig Jr.) woke up wailing from his nap. Eureka! Cry Baby Craig’s was born.

From that day on Jr. has been my inspiration to pursue my dream of Cry Baby Craig's.