"Who's the hottest? Minnesota's best hot sauces, ranked"

2. Cry Baby Craigs Tasting Notes: Tart, tangy, mouth-watering, acidic, addictive, and a wonderful all-purpose condiment Heat: Moderate How to use it: Tacos, breakfast, marinades, soups, seafood, vinaigrettes, popcorn butter Where to get it: Online at crybabycraigs.com

A chef's life is full of happy accidents. When the purveyor drops off that big box of habaneros instead of the jalapeños you ordered, and you haven't time to send them back because the dishwasher called in sick again and the lady at table 10 is complaining that the fish tastes fishy, well, what do you do? Pickle the habaneros. And then toss in few more ingredients, and what do you know? Magic. Craig Kaiser's is the only hot sauce product on the market that he knows of that uses a pickled chile instead of a cooked one, and you can taste the difference in the tang.