Special CBC's: Forager's Fire

Crybaby Craig’s Limited Edition

Forager’s Fire

Tasting notes: Briny, sweet, sharp, herbaceous
Heat factor: Keep tissues handy. Don’t know if you’ll be crying, but it’s possible.
How to use it: “Goes especially well with seafood.”

"Thanks to his roots as a chef, Craig Kaiser will probably always be associated with the flames of the stove before the fire of the chile. Either way, he’s the biggest name in hot sauce when it comes to restaurant tables around here. Visit just about any dining room in the Cities (and beyond), and you’ll spot a bottle of his habanero orange sauce waiting to be doused on everything from barbecue to Bloody Marys. The secret is in the chile pickling, an unmatched zing that many chefs really like as an accompaniment to their cooking. Every spring he’ll release a small batch of something honoring the produce of the season, and this year it was ramps, green garlic, and pear vinegar."

City Pages - From flavorful to four-alarm fire: The 8 best local hot sauces, ranked
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 by Mecca Bos

Forager’s Fire only available at
Eat Street Social or NE Social while supplies last.